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Harga Software Minitab 17

Kategori Harga Software Minitab
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Detail Produk Harga Software Minitab 17

harga software minitab 17

Minitab 17 adalah versi terbaru dari software statistik Minitab.

Minitab 17 Features List

Basic Statistics
• Descriptive statistics
– One-sample Z-test, one- and two-sample t-tests, paired t-test
– One and two proportions tests
– One- and two-sample Poisson rate tests
– One and two variances tests
– Correlation and covariance
• Normality test
– Outlier test
• Poisson goodness-of-fit test

– Linear regression
– Binary, ordinal and nominal logistic regression
• Nonlinear regression
– Stability studies
• Orthogonal regression
• Partial least squares
– Poisson regression
– Plots: residual, factorial, contour, surface, etc.
– Stepwise and best subsets
– Response prediction and optimization

Menu that easily leads you through
your analysis
Helps you choose the right tool
Provides interpretation of your output
Conducts assumption checks to ensure
your analysis is successful
Creates reports that can be exported to

– Easily create professional-looking graphics
• Scatterplots, matrix plots, boxplots, dotplots, histograms, charts, time series plots, etc.
– Bubble plot
• Contour and rotating 3D plots
• Probability and probability distribution plots
• Edit attributes: axes, labels, reference lines, etc.
• Recreate custom graphs with new data
• Easily place multiple graphs on one page
• Automatically update graphs as data change
• Brush graphs to explore points of interest

Analysis of Variance
– General Linear Model
– Multiple comparisons
– Response prediction and optimization
– Test for equal variances
– Plots: residual, factorial, contour, surface, etc.
• Analysis of means

Statistical Process Control
• Run chart
• Pareto chart
• Cause-and-effect diagram Variables control charts: XBar, R, S, XBar-R, XBar-S, I, MR, I-MR, I-MR-R/S, zone, Z-MR
• Attributes control charts: P, NP, C, U, Laney P’ and U’
• Time-weighted control charts: MA,EWMA, CUSUM
• Multivariate control charts: T2, generalized variance, MEWMA
– Rare events charts: G and T
• Historical/shift-in-process charts
• Box-Cox and Johnson transformations
• Individual distribution identification
• Process capability: normal, non-normal, attribute, batch
• Process capability for multiple variables
– Process Capability SixpackTM
– Tolerance intervals
• Acceptance sampling and OC curves

Measurement Systems Analysis
• Data collection worksheets
– Gage R&R Crossed: ANOVA and Xbar-R methods
• Gage R&R Nested
– Gage R&R Expanded
• Misclassification probabilities
• Gage run chart
• Gage linearity and bias
• Type 1 Gage Study
• Attribute Gage Study – AIAG analytic method
• Attribute agreement analysis Design of Experiments
– Two-level factorial designs
– Split-plot designs
– General factorial designs
– Plackett-Burman designs
– Response surface designs
• Mixture designs
• D-optimal and distance-based designs
• Taguchi designs
• User-specified designs
• Analyze variability for factorial designs
• Botched runs
– Effects plots: normal, half-normal, Pareto
– Response prediction and optimization
– Plots: residual, main effects, interaction, cube, contour, surface, wireframe

• Parametric and nonparametric distribution analysis
• Goodness-of-fit measures
-ML and least squares estimates
• Exact failure, right-, left-, and intervalcensored data
• Accelerated life testing
• Regression with life data
• Reliability test plans
• Threshold parameter distributions
• Repairable systems
• Multiple failure modes
• Probit analysis
• Weibayes analysis
• Hypothesis tests on distribution parameters
• Plots: distribution, probability, hazard, survival
• Warranty analysis

Power and Sample Size
• Sample size for estimation
– Sample size for tolerance intervals
• One-sample Z, one- and two-sample t
• Paired t
• One and two proportions
• One- and two-sample Poisson rates
• One and two variances
– Equivalence tests
• One-Way ANOVA
• Two-level, Plackett-Burman and general full factorial designs
• Power curves

• Principal components analysis
• Factor analysis
• Discriminant analysis
• Cluster analysis
• Correspondence analysis
• Item analysis and Cronbach’s alpha

• Sign test
• Wilcoxon test
• Mann-Whitney test
• Kruskal-Wallis test
• Mood’s median test
• Friedman test
• Runs test

Time Series and Forecasting
• Time series plots
• Trend analysis
• Decomposition
• Moving average
• Exponential smoothing
• Winters’ method
• Auto-, partial auto-, and cross correlation functions

Equivalence Tests
One- and two-sample, paired and 2×2 crossover design

– Chi-square, Fisher’s exact, and other tests
• Chi-square goodness-of-fit test
• Tally individual variables

Simulation and Distributions
• Random number generator
• Density, cumulative distribution, and inverse cumulative distribution functions
• Random sampling

Macros and Customizability
• Customizable menus and toolbars
– Extensive preferences and user profiles
• DMAIC toolbar
• Powerful macro capability
• COM-enabled automation

Minitab 17 – Jenis Lisensi:

Single User (Perpetual) license (standalone)

License ini adalah license tanpa batas waktu.

Untuk up-grade akan dikenakan charge (harga khusus upgrade).

Multi User (Annual/tahunan) license

Karena lisensi multi user bersifat tahunan, sebelum masa expired-nya habis, lisensi harus di-renew supaya bisa dipakai di tahun berikutnya.

Multi user license networkable, bisa di install di unlimited PC (selama tergabung dalam satu network) namun yang dapat aktif hanya sejumlah lisensi yang dimiliki pada saat bersamaan.

Free up-grade ke release yang baru (selama license masih berjalan).

Harga Software Minitab Authorized Reseller

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